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Friday, March 16, 2012

Reborn of this blogspot

This blog has been abandon since KS moved to a domain base website with shopping cart. But somehow KS felt that it is such a pity to abandon this place since it is the starting point for KS. So after all these while, KS finally decided to start up this blogspot again but with different purpose.

This blog will be a portal for KS to *ahem ahem* "show off" some of the hand carve stamps that KS carve.

To start off this place, show casting today is the freshly hand carved Russian Doll stamp. It is kinda out of the random. KS just started having these unusual but explainable desire to carve something. So flipping some books and found an image of this adorable Russian Doll.

It has actually been a long time since KS carved anything. KS would say that carving could actually become an addiction once you get the hang of the skills. Watching how a plain rubber block can be transformed into something so unique is very satisfying. Hope there will be more people in Malaysia to enter the addicting world of Rubber Stamp Hand Carving.

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